Spanish Trike

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Spanish Trike

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MOTORS AVAILABLE: HIRTH 2703 (52/55 h.p.) and 3203 (65 H.P.)

CHASSIS: Mono-beam cantilever in I-316 Stainless Steel Polished Gloss finish

FRONT FORK: Composite fork 2 wheels.

REAR SHOCK ABSORBER: 2 Composite Crosbow

BRAKES: Mechanical Clip Disc

WHEELS: Aluminium Alloy with Aeronautic Design Slick and Flange Deflector

SEAT: Ergonomic manufactured in steel tube

BELTS: Double Automatic closure, 4 points

ENGINE START: Manual in Flight (Series) and Electric Start (Optional)

FUEL DEPOT: White, in polyethylene with 42-liter Capacity

PROPELLER: 3 blade in Carbon Fiber (Series)

WEIGHT COMPLETE: 119 Kg + / - Included Instruments copick.

PILOT and COPILOT WEIGHT: 60 to 160 + (Co-Pilot) 120 kg



Interesting indeed. Landing gear track is quite narrow though
We have clearance, Clarence. Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?

— Cockpit crew in the movie 'Airplane.'